Remembering Meltons’ Airmen

Since the pioneering days of aviation in the early 20th Century, Melton Mowbray has maintained close links with the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and later the Royal Air Force (RAF) through the various units that have been based in and around the town, during World War 1, World War 2, the Cold War right up until present day, their are still RAF personnel based in Melton.

For a brief history of the RFC and RAF activities in Melton during World War One and for a list of airmen who joined the RFC from Melton and her surrounding villages, see Meltons’ World War One Airmen.

RAFA Remembrance Crosses

Through the following links, we will remember those airmen who made the ultimate sacrifice whilst serving their Monarch in the Royal Air Force or one if the Air Forces of the Commonwealth.

The list will contain those Airmen who died in service that:

a, Originated from Melton Mowbray and the surrounding villages.

b, Resided in Melton Mowbray and the surrounding villages at the time of their death.

c, Died as a result of air crashes within the Borough of Melton Mowbray and District.

d, Died as a result of air crashes following their aircraft taking off from a base within the Melton Mowbray District.

e, Buried in Commonwealth War Graves within the Borough of Melton Mowbray and District.

The lists can be searched by either aircraft type, serial number, date or crew names.

Please note this project is continually being updated and research is being carried out all the time.  Where additional information is available this can be viewed by clicking on each of the links (shown in bold text) in turn to read more information about the crash or individual concerned.

The Royal Air Forces Association dedication is:

In friendship and in service one to another, we are pledged to keep alive the memory of those of all Nations who died in the Royal Air Force and in the Air Forces of the Commonwealth. In their name we give ourselves to this noble cause. Proudly and thankfully we will remember them.

“We Will Remember Them”

Air Crashes within Melton Borough

Royal Aircraft Factory RE8, A3439, 37th Reserve Squadron, 8th Mar 1917. For more information click here.

Blackburn Shark K4353, 11 Fighter Group, Gosport, 15th Mar 1937.   For more information click here.

Avro Manchester I L7278 EM-A, No 207 Sqn RAF Waddington, 21st Mar 1941.  

Avro Lancaster I R5550 EM-B, No 207 Sqn RAF Bottesford, 6th Aug 1942.  

Avro Manchester I L7385 EM-U, No 207 Sqn RAF Bottesford, 6th Aug 1942.  

Avro Lancaster I R5694 EM-F, No 207 Sqn RAF Bottesford, 25th November 1942.

Airspeed Oxford I, AB665, No. 14 (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit, RAF Ossington, 8th Apr 1943. For more information click here.

Avro Lancaster 1 L7585, No. 1654 Heavy Conversion Unit, RAF Wigsley, Nottinghamshire, 8th Apr 1943.  For more information click here.

Bristol Beaufighter KW199, No 304FTU, RAF Melton Mowbray, 1st May 1944.  For more information click here.

Airspeed Oxford I, DF517, No 1655 MTU, RAF Warboys, 13th May 1944. For more information click here.

Vickers Wellington Mk X, LN281, No 14 OTU, 13th August 1944 . For more information click here.

Avro Lancaster I PB745 CA-Q, No 189 Sqn RAF Fulbeck, Lincolnshire, 27th November 1944.  

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress, 42-97395 ‘IW-F’, USAAF Eighth Air Force, 614th Bombardment Squadron, 401st  Bombardment Group (Heavy), 25th Mar 1945.  

Bristol Beaufighter RD725, No 12 Ferry Unit, RAF Melton Mowbray, 31st Aug 1945.  For more information click here.

Airmen A – Z


AITKEN William Cuthbertson, 747920, Sergeant, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RAF, 21st Mar 1941.

AKERMAN Frederick Samuel, 655412, Sergeant, Pilot, RAF, 6th Aug 1942.

ALLCROFT G, 183749, Cadet, RAF, 10th Nov 1918


BAILEY  Thomas, 1412311, Sergeant, Bomb Aimer, RAF(VR), 8th Apr 1943.

BARKER Eleanor M, 881177, Flight Sergeant, WAAF, 30th Sep 1944.

BAYLISS Dennis Alfred, 1106297, Sergeant, Flight Engineer, RAF(VR), 27th Nov 1944.

BATCHELER Harry George Walter, 190812, Flying Officer, Navigator, RAF, 31st Aug 1945.

BELL Robert Alfred, 1195764, Sergeant, RAF(VR), 13th Mar 1942.

BERESFORD Hugh Richard Aden, 37150, Flight Lieutenant, RAF, 7th Sep 1940.

BIRCH Norman, 745792, Sergeant, Pilot, RAF(VR), 21st Mar 1941.

BOORNE George Howard, 500103, 2nd Lieutenant, Pilot, RFC, 28th Mar 1917.

BOUDREAU Joseph Rufin, J/86766, Flying Officer, Navigator/Bomb Aimer, RCAF, 5th Dec 1944.

BOWEN Geoffrey Hugh, 161261, Flying Officer, Pilot, RAF(VR), 13th May 1944.

BRANSON Richard Arthur, 162939, Flight Lieutenant, Pilot, RAF(VR), 31st Aug 1945.

BRITLAND George Douglas, 2167A, Sergeant, RCAF, 11th Jul 1944.

BROCK Frederick Albert, 151684, Flying Officer, Navigator, RAF(VR), 11th Nov 1944.

BROOK Harold Wignell, 581316, Sergeant, RAF, 23rd Nov 1940.

BROOKS John, 924977, Flight Sergeant, Navigator, RAF(VR), 6th Aug 1942.

BRUCE John Joseph, 995250, Sergeant, Pilot, RAF(VR), 1st May 1944.

BUCKBERROUGH Robert Clarke, J/90667, Pilot Officer, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RCAF, 11th Jul 1944.

BURTON John Bernard, 1575141, Sergeant, Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 25th November 1942


CATTLE Aubrey Edward, 117960, Flight Lieutenant, Pilot, RAF(VR), 13th May 1944.

CORBY George Arthur (2 x MIDs), 561526, Flight Sergeant, Pilot, RAF, 20th Feb 1940.

CURSON Harold, 537658, Sergeant, Flight Engineer, RAF, 6th Aug 1942.


DAVISON Robert Fairburn, 1123089, Sergeant, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 8th Apr 1943.

DOBSON Frederick Harold, 1169985, Leading Aircraftman, RAF(VR), 9th Nov 1942.

DYER John Harold, 1217992, Sergeant, Wireless Op./Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 2nd Jan 1944.


ELLIOTT Walter Ernest, 1159658, Leading Aircraftman, RAF(VR), 20th Oct 1943.

ELTON Percy John, 961061, Sergeant, RAF(VR), 3rd Mar 1943.


FENTON Peter Bentley, 1214321, Sergeant, Pilot, RAF(VR), 10th Sept 1942.

FORBES John, 967145, Sergeant, Flight Engineer, RAF(VR), 6th Aug 1942.

FORDWYCH William Dundas, 591286, Flight Sergeant, Pilot, RAF, 19th Aug 1942.


GREASLEY John Richard, 2nd Lieutenant, RAF, 1st Apr 1918.

GRIEVE Francis George, 577530, Sergeant, Flight Engineer, RAF, 11th Jul 1944.

GUIVER Sydney Jack, 174686, Pilot Officer, Navigator,  RAF(VR), 13 Aug 1944.


HALESTRAP Geoffrey George DFC, 127308, Flying Officer, Navigator, RAF(VR), 13th Aug 1944.

HANBURY Henry Theobald, 52166, Flight Lieutenant, Flight Engineer, RAF, 20th Nov 1946.

HANBURY Reginald Lewis, 43690, Squadron Leader, Pilot, RAF, 8th Jun 1944.

HANNAN Raymund Joseph DFC, 43035, Flight Lieutenant, Pilot, RAF, 25th November 1942

HANSELL Richard Neville DFC, 173340, Flying Officer, Pilot, RAF(VR), 26th Aug 1944.

HANSEN Kenneth Joseph, 422992, Flight Sergeant, RNZAF, 6th Mar 1944.

HART Robert, 523663, Sergeant, Pilot, RAF, 17th Dec 1942.

HARWOOD Frank Briant DFM, 740429, Sergeant, Pilot, RAF(VR), 21st Mar 1942.

HEATH Frank, 152936, Flying Officer, Navigator, RAF(VR), 13th Aug 1944.

HOGG Bennett, 625425, Sergeant, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RAF, 21st Mar 1941.

HOLLINGWORTH Cyril Ernest, 574960, Sergeant, Flight Engineer, RAF, 9th Jan 1943.



JENKIN Bryant Leonard McKenzie, 412885, Sergeant, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RNZAF, 25th November 1942.


KEIGHTLEY John Cliff, 1202833, Sergeant, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 26th Sep 1942.


LAMBERT William Thraves DFM, 145181, Flying Officer, Navigator, RAF(VR), 23rd Dec 1944.

LEE John Kennerleigh Barnett, 1174918, Flight Sergeant, Navigator, RAFVR, 26th November 1942.

LEMMERICK John Albert, R/123711, Sergeant, Pilot, RCAF, 8th Apr 1943.

LOVEGROVE, Peter Anthony, 62324, Flying Officer, RAF(VR), 12th Nov 1942.


MANN John Wilson, 1208781, Corporal, RAF(VR), 20th Sep 1944.

MARRIOTT Richard, 1593487, Sergeant, Flight Engineer, RAF(VR), 14th Feb 1945.

MARTIN Douglas George Gordon, 1810891, Sergeant, Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 8th Apr 1943.

McCUDDEN Robert, 1822819, Sergeant, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 13th Aug 1944.

McCLUNE William Joseph, 1088075, Flight Sergeant, Air Bomber, RAF(VR), 27th Nov 1944.

McIVER Malcolm DFC, J/11107, Flight Lieutenant, Navigator, RCAF, 13th May 1944.

MOORS Arthur Anthony, R/119562, Sergeant, Pilot, RCAF, 8th Apr 1943.

MURPHY John Charles, 401182, Sergeant, RAAF, 19th Aug 1942.



OWEN Norman DFC, 162950, Flying Officer, Pilot, RAF, 13 Aug 1944.


PILGRIM Brian Gordon, 1388935, Sergeant, Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 8th Apr 1943.

PIPER Raymond Donald, 1319737, Sergeant, Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 25th November 1942.

PLUMB William Ernest, 145247, Air Mechanic 3rd Class, RAF, 20th Jan 1919.

PRATT Frank Edward, 82991, Pilot Officer, Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 31st Jul 1941.

PROBERT Alan Charles, 1621153, Flight Sergeant, Navigator, RAF(VR), 27th Nov 1944.



REEVE Charles D’Arcy Edmund Wentworth, Captain, Pilot, RFC, 18th Jul 1916.

REYNOLDS Henry Leslie, 12360, Air Mechanic 1st Class, RFC, 31st Aug 1917.

ROBERTS Albert, 1104522, Sergeant, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 25th November 1942.

ROBERTS Edward Mansell, 1624053, Sergeant, Pilot, RAF(VR), 13th Aug 1944.


SANDERS John, 1316262, Sergeant, Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 25th November 1942.

SHAW Ernest Anson, J/86367, Pilot Officer, RCAF, 11th Jul 1944.

SHEPHERD Caleb Stanley Kenneth, 1112237, Sergeant, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 6th Aug 1942.

SMITH Grant Lyman, J/29977, Flying Officer, Navigator, RCAF, 11th Jul 1944.

SMITH John James, 3512186, Pilot Officer, 21st Dec 1953.

SMITHERINGALE Alfred John, 1028352, Aircraftman 2nd Class, RAF(VR), 5th Mar 1941.

STAFFORD Peter Robert, 1881894, Sergeant, Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 13th Aug 1944.

STAPLEFORD George William Henry, 1203270, Aircraftman 1st Class, RAF(VR), 15th Sep 1941.

STEVENS Cecil Thomas, 1576589, Aircraftman 1st Class, RAF(VR), 17th Sept 1943.

SUTTON Albert Edward, 1022039, Leading Aircraftman, RAF(VR), 12th Oct 1944.

SYKES James Thomas, 1575179, Sergeant, Wireless Op./Air Gunner, RAF(VR), 22nd Nov 1943.


THOMAS William Marshall, 1652484, Sergeant, Navigator, RAF(VR), 13th Aug 1944.

THOMPSON Peter John, 575861, Sergeant, Flight Engineer, RAF, 25th November 1942


UPPERTON Leslie Raymond, 1318579, Sergeant, Navigator, RAF(VR), 8th Apr 1943.


VENNING Owen Earle, R/198411, Flight Sergeant, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RCAF, 27th Nov 1944.


WADMORE John Howard, 564478, Sergeant, RAF, 16th Feb 1940.

WALKER George Frederick Maurice, 566666, Sergeant, Flight Engineer, RAF, 8th Apr 1943.

WALKER Joseph Leslie, 648708, Leading Aircraftman, RAF, 31st Oct 1940.

WALLACE John, 1030121, Sergeant, Pilot, RAF(VR), 8th Apr 1943.

WARD John Richard, 1583182, Sergeant, Flight Engineer, RAF(VR), 20th Feb 1944.

WATSON Michael, 1379990, Sergeant, RAF(VR), 30th Mar 1943.

WAYCHUCK Walter Simon, J/29371, Flying Officer, Air Bomber, RCAF, 11th Jul 1944.

WEST James Charles, 1085840, Aircraftman 1st Class, RAF(VR), 21st Oct 1943.

WHEATLEY Sidney Bertrand, 1147151, Flight Sergeant, RAF(VR), 26th Jan 1944.

WHETTON Jack Adam, 1096809, Sergeant, Flight Engineer, RAF(VR), 31st Aug 1943.

WICKS Richard William, Flight Lieutenant, RN/RAF, 15th Mar 1937.

WILSON Arthur Alfred, 1009962, Leading Aircraftman, RAF(VR), 26th Jun 1944.

WILSON Leonard, 1684528, Sergeant, Bomb Aimer, RAF(VR), 13th Aug 1944.

WINN Ronald Arthur, 139527, Pilot Officer, RAF(VR), 24th Aug 1943.

WOLTON James Herbert DFM, 143996, Pilot Officerm, Flight Engineer, RAF(VR), 8th Apr 1943.

WOODS John William Ernest, 125062, Leading Aircraftman, RAF, 6th Feb 1919.

WOOLFENDEN Cyril, 1433251, Flight Sergeant, Navigator/Radar Operator, RAF(VR), 1st May 1944.

WOJTAK Marcin Pawel, Corporal, P8516014, RAF Regiment, 1st Oct 2009.




If anyone has any further information regarding the above RAF personnel or air crashes, then please contact us